Ship Specifications
Year Built 2009
Gross Tonnage 10,000T
Length 133.8m
Beam/Width 18.8m
Draft 2.6m
Speed 26km/h
Elevator 4
Restaurant 2
Passenger Decks 5
Crew 180
Superior Cabins 149
Executive Suites 35
Deluxe Suites 3
Shangri-La Suites 2
Total Cabins 189
Total Passengers 378
The Victoria Jenna is the Yangtze’s newest and largest river cruise in the world. Inaugurated in 2009, the Victoria Jenna sets the standard for fine luxury river cruising not just in China but throughout the world.

Facilities include two restaurants (a single–seating main dining room, and an a la carte restaurant on the top deck), four elevators, a three–story atrium lobby, two lounges, three bars, a fitness center, two full–sized lecture room, library, the Oasis beauty salon, artist corners and gift shop.

The Victoria Jenna has have the most suites of any ship on the Yangtze River, and all cabins have private balconies. The Jenna is equipped with CDMA–wireless internet access, and cabins have HBO and CNN broadcasts.

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